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This blog serves to equip creatives, business owners, and entrepreneurs on web design matters ranging from basic to advanced practices. Without a doubt, knowledge of web design is critical to business success. Thus, this platform’s primary goal is to furnish designers, UI developers, bloggers, and anyone with a keen interest in web design matters with the best practices, latest trends, and news on web design. Besides being a hub of knowledge, this blog also endeavours to furnish visitors with premium-quality web design resources to help designers and website owners find some leverage in the fiercely competitive digital landscape.

Choosing a Good Domain Name

28 Jul 2021

When thinking of designing a new website, one thing to consider is the domain name. It should be short and memorable with no numbers or hyphens. Trademarked or copyrighted brand names cannot be used. The words should be easy to spell and to pronounce.

What is HTML?

16 Jun 2021

When thinking about web design you will need to know about HyperText Markup Language (HTML) which essentially is a computer file format. It enables content to be displayed in a web browser. A web designer can use it to structure sections, headings, blockquotes, paragraphs and links for maximum impact.

The Principles The Principles of Web Designof Web Design

10 May 2021

When it comes to creative web design, three fundamental principles should not be ignored. These are colour, hierarchy and navigation. Getting these right leads to a better user experience. In particular, it is recommended only to use a black font on a white background.